3 Basic Survival Tips

What will happen if the society you are living in collapses? Are you prepared for the worst case scenario? In the world we are living in, it is impossible to avoid talking about the apocalypse. Disaster preparedness is more than worries; it is about being ready for the unpredictable, being practical and being realistic. The following are basic survival skills during an apocalypse:

fire in the snow

  • The survival of an impending apocalypse is completely dependent on your location. For example during a zombie apocalypse, inhabiting places far away from highly populated cities would increase ones levels of surviving. Isolated areas are the best as it will take time for zombies to travel to these areas. It is also important to near places where guns and gears are available. You will a place to escape the weather, rest, or hide out for a couple of days. Look for shelter in places that are likely to be inhabited by the apocalypse. Having a good shelter means having a better place to hide from bad people or weather for example.
  • During an apocalypse, a lot of things can go wrong and they can deviate you from your original location or route. Getting to a safe place during an apocalypse is very important. Knowing how to navigate using printed maps, stars, compass, offline maps on your phone and GPS is very important. Stars are not favorable during a cloudy weather. Storing maps in your phone is not always a good idea most especially if they are meant for long-term situations because at one point in time the batteries of the phone are going to die. A compass and printed maps are proven to be the best survival tools for long-term situations. It is very important for an individual to know how to use the topographic maps. Knowing what is represented by the contour lines and the different colors is very important.
  • Trapping and hunting are very important skills during an apocalypse. It is important to know how to hunt for wild animals in case of food shortages. The food stored might get spoilt due to factors like oxygen, rodents, moisture and temperature. It is therefore very important to have a backup plan. It is also important to be able to trap different rodents that might eat your stored food. Both trapping and hunting requires a lot of practice, patience, knowledge and, snares for different animals. The duration of an apocalypse can never be predicted and therefore, it is important to ensure that you have the best trapping and hunting skills to ensure that your family does not die of hunger.

Learning about the different survival skills during an apocalypse is very important as it helps you to tackle anything that might come your way. People should always have faith that with time things will get better. If we have faith during an apocalypse, we will go an extra mile to ensure that we survive. It is our duties to ensure that we are always prepared for anything and that we are aware of the different survival tactics during an apocalypse.

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