Be ready for the end days

During the ages, planet Earth faces mass extinctions. 250 million years ago, probably because of volcanic eruptions, more than 90% of all life form was gone from this planet. Another event took place 65 million years ago and kill all the dinosaurs and other big creature on Earth.

In both cases, the mass extinction occurred due to sudden changes in atmospheric composition or climatic conditions, caused by a sudden catastrophic event. Although we are not immune to something like that to happen again, experts point out that the next extinction is more likely to be caused by human hands, through global warming, overuse of natural resources and excessive pollution.

Either by some sudden catastrophe or by the slow destruction of our planet by man, it is very likely that we have to deal with a toxic environment and extreme temperatures in the near future. If the planet is not disintegrated, here are some strategies that can ensure our survival in a possible process of extinction:


1- Don’t run for the hills

As we are not able to hibernate for a few centuries, the best thing to do is not run for the hills, but hide in underground or underwater cities. The species that were able to save themselves during the last mass extinctions process were small and lived underground in different parts of the world. Therefore, we will need giant complexes, in which we can produce our own energy and grow our food. Moreover, we must not forget to include huge ventilation devices with an air purification system or find a way to fabricate oxygen.

2- Don’t get outside

Nothing to take a peek at the sky, at least for a decade, and depending on the scenario, we may have to remain hidden for thousands of years! For example, if a meteor hits the Earth and this hits our oil or coal reserves, the heat would evaporate these elements, making the air in the atmosphere toxic to us. It can take centuries to clean the atmosphere by natural ways.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the oceans lose all oxygen, which causes the disappearance of thousands of species and even changes the color of the ocean. However, unless our possible extinction occurs because of an apocalyptic nuclear event, it is possible that we can get out of our hiding places for short intervals of time.

3- New diet

Do not expect to have access to delicious food after a catastrophic event that forces us to live hidden and produces our own food. Luckily, humans are highly adaptable, able to adapt to live in new territories and new diets, but the process would not be easy. Our diet would probably consist of algae, seeds, roots and larvae, in addition to any nutrient thing that can be found and cultivate underground. In addition, the portions would be very tiny, so we had to prepare ourselves to go on a strict diet and feel kind of hungry.

4- Don’t panic

In spite of everything, never forget that human beings are brilliant creatures. Besides clever, we are everywhere in the world and are highly adaptable to adversity. While it is important to be prepared for everything, it would need more than the impact of a meteor or the awakening of giant volcanoes or any other apocalyptic event to finish us!

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