End of the World Survival

One of the first things to consider when trying to survive is that you have to be able to find ways to make sure that you can keep track of food and water. Peanut butter is one of those items that can definitely help you sustain your life as you are dealing with a dangerous survival situation. Pinto beans are something that can last for up to ten years, presuming that the pinto beans are properly sealed. Whole wheat flour is something that you can definitely use to make a number of different foods. The whole wheat flour is something that can keep for five years, as long as it is kept away from oxygen. If you are someone that likes a lot of variety in food, you definitely want to make sure the whole wheat flour is protected.


Water is absolutely vital when you are trying to survive the apocalypse. You may want to contact friends to learn about different water routes that are still available. You should be aware of the impact climate change may have on different water routes. You can already see the impact that climate change has had on water resources in Southern California, and the state of New Mexico, for example. The concept of creating pipelines can have an impact on the ability of communities to access water. There are a lot of untouched areas in Idaho, even an apocalyptic situation, you may be able to find a viable water route there in the future.


You are going to have injuries in the future, following this disaster. One of the best tools that you want to have available would be peroxide. School nurses constantly sang the praises of peroxide when you were going to school; you want to be able to find something that can keep for a long time and also deal properly with an infection. Most soaps tend to keep fairly well; this can be important to remember as you learn how to deal with different injuries and stay clean after those injuries.


If you end up surviving the end of the world, you have to realize that if you have a lot of supplies, people that also survived will be jealous of those supplies. You are going to have to worry about scarce resources, and people are potentially fighting over a luxury like charcoal. One of the decisions you would have to make is whether you are willing to share some of these luxuries. You will see some people always cite hard candy as a type of food that can keep for a long time; it is hard to say that the taste of hard candy does not change drastically over a longer time period, though. Would you reject such a luxury just because it tastes different, though? It may be quite nasty.


Some questions will pop up as you are trying to make it in a world that has suffered an apocalypse. You have to be reasonable with people, work things out and try to do what you can to make sure things can work out. In closing, you have to make rational decisions for survival.

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