Gluten Free Survival Meals

Most people can’t imagine living through a period of time without access to the foods that they need to live. They can’t imagine not being able to simply get into their car and drive to the store and buy whatever it is that they want.

Yet, it’s already happened. Chaotic events all around the world have disrupted food production, food delivery and keeping products on the shelves at the stores. Taking into consideration the state of the world, many people have chosen to make sure they have a storage supply of foods on hand.

For those people, not being able to buy the foods they want and need at the store will be an inconvenience until the crisis is solved. However, for other people, not being able to buy the foods they want will be more than an inconvenience.

For people who have gluten allergies, not being able to buy food without gluten can trigger some unpleasant reactions. Those people will have to deal with stomach pain, bloating, headaches, fatigue and upset stomach if they have to eat food items that contain gluten.

That’s why if you have a gluten allergy or if you have loved ones that do, you need to make sure their emergency food supply doesn’t contain gluten. You can do this with the purchase of Gluten Free Survival Meals.

These great tasting meals are guaranteed to be gluten free. When you order, you receive a total of 54 pounds of delicious food. That equals 240 servings of entrees that are a treat to eat and easy to make.

Not only are the meals easy to make, but they’re easy on the budget, too. These survival meals cost less than other brands, yet still deliver the recommended 2,000 calories in the servings per day.

In addition to that, the serving sizes aren’t skimpy, either. You get almost twice as much food in a serving size as you get with competing brands. The foods are all produced without GMOs, MSG, trans fat or cholesterol and have a guaranteed 25 year shelf life so you can keep them safely stored until you need them.

The foods come in Mylar pouches which helps to prevent the food from spoiling. The meals are broken down into 9 different entrees. You’ll receive 32 servings of enchilada, beans and rice, plus 32 servings of loaded baked potato.

You get five different types of soup. These are the 24 servings of cheese and broccoli soup, 24 servings of cheesy potato soup, creamy potato soup also in 24 servings, creamy vegetable and rice soup in 24 servings and spicy corn chowder soup in 24 servings.

There are two kinds of chili included in the meals which are classic chili in 32 servings and white bean chili in 24 servings. Each of the servings has around 320 calories and to make the meals, all that’s needed is water. The meals come in stackable plastic buckets for easy storage.