Must Know Wilderness Survival Tips

It is quite important to know the most basic wilderness survival tips before you venture out in the wild. Basically, you must know what you’ll to have and what to do in order to survive in the wilderness irrespective of whether you are male or female. However, there is one thing that you can count on for you to go through the wild unscathed-your will! In almost all circumstances, a strong will help you counter uncertainty-and this is especially what Mother Nature can throw at you without notice.

To begin with, knowing how to make a shelter will save you a lot of trouble when you are out there. There is also the issue of fire, having navigation tools to know your direction, and what you can eat just in case you run out of food or something. If you have poor clothing, then get prepared for more difficult times. As you know, clothing is an essential requirement for you to keep warm if the weather proves to be quite unfavorable. Get some drinking water to avoid dehydration or a water purifier that you can use to eliminate pathogenic elements from the rare water sources you come across.

It is vital that you remain positive at all times and be as calm as possible, because your attitude determines how you think. Do not allow negative thoughts to cloud your thought line, not let fear take control of you. As a word of advice, always have all your possessions with you at all times. Do not even overlook that which seems useless, as it is what might end up help you survive the terrors of the wild. For instance, even your shoe lace can be used to make a bow and use it with a wooden arrow from a tree-branch.

There are many wild edible berries in the wild, as there are those that can kill within a short span of time. It is highly advisable that you get acquainted with edible berries, fruits, plants, and even know how to make simple traps. Remember, things can get pretty tough in the wild and so knowing how to make a fire to roast some of these rodents can keep you going. Last but not least, always have a knife or multi tool with you for both cutting and protection. These wilderness survival tips are for all people irrespective of age and gender. Having said this, know the different ways you can make a shelter and light a fire even by use of stones and some dry grass.

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