Tactics for survival in the wild

When you get lost in the wild, the five most important things that you will need to ensure you survive is shelter, water, food, warmth and getting rescued. You also don’t need to panic as research shows most people get found within 72 hours when they are lost in the wilderness. Shelter The first thing

End of the World Survival

One of the first things to consider when trying to survive is that you have to be able to find ways to make sure that you can keep track of food and water. Peanut butter is one of those items that can definitely help you sustain your life as you are dealing with a dangerous

3 Basic Survival Tips

What will happen if the society you are living in collapses? Are you prepared for the worst case scenario? In the world we are living in, it is impossible to avoid talking about the apocalypse. Disaster preparedness is more than worries; it is about being ready for the unpredictable, being practical and being realistic. The

Be ready for the end days

During the ages, planet Earth faces mass extinctions. 250 million years ago, probably because of volcanic eruptions, more than 90% of all life form was gone from this planet. Another event took place 65 million years ago and kill all the dinosaurs and other big creature on Earth. In both cases, the mass extinction occurred
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