Tactics for survival in the wild

When you get lost in the wild, the five most important things that you will need to ensure you survive is shelter, water, food, warmth and getting rescued. You also don’t need to panic as research shows most people get found within 72 hours when they are lost in the wilderness.


The first thing you need to do is to prepare a shelter, you can build a shelter with branches or bamboo sticks. A good shelter will keep you protected from harsh weather conditions and serve as protection from wild animals. When building a shelter, choose a site that is dry, has good drainage, flat and it should be as small as possible especially if it is in a cold region.

Do not put your shelter too close to water bodies as insects will trouble you. Build your shelter on high ground to avoid flood water and for protection as you will be able to see what is coming your way. This is also advantageous for if there is a search party out looking for you, they will have a better chance to locate your shelter.

Finding water

An adult can survive three to four days without water, so it is essential that you find water quickly. The main symptoms of dehydration include thirst, body weakness, dark colored urine and lack of appetite.

If you can’t find a free flowing stream, you can collect condensed water from plants. You can also travel parallel to a mountain as they usually have streams flowing down. Another way to find water is to make a shallow hole in a dried up river bed.


The food options available in the wilderness can either be animals, plants or insects and bugs. Animals can be trapped or if you are lucky you can find a stream with fish. The best option in the wilderness is to eat bugs as they are easy to find and very nutritious. Only eat plants that you are 100% sure are edible or else you risk getting diarrhea that will kill you even faster.


A fire is essential as it cooks your food, purifies water, scares away animals and keeps you warm. You can use glasses to light a fire, if you do not have glass then you can create a spark using two stones, make sure you have combustible material at hand for this to be successful. If you were prepared then you will be lucky to have match boxes for lighting the fire.

Getting rescued

Signaling for help is very important as people searching for you will find your location easily. You can signal for help by using virtual signals, SOS signals are best known distress signals and can be achieved by using a flashlight at night or signal mirror during the day. Signal fires are also very effective, building three fires in a triangle is an internationally recognized distress signal.

Getting just the know how for surviving in the wilderness is not enough; I recommend that you participate in a course of wilderness survival skills and start by reading the lost ways reviews. You can even create an activity where you go out with a team consisting of hunting experts and people experienced in the wilderness life making sure you travel light without food or the basic supplies.

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