The Lost Ways Review

The world has become heavily dependent on technology and assisted survival in one form or another. If a disaster struck and we were forced to survive, many of us wouldn’t even make it beyond a day! Claude Davis, the author of The Lost Ways survival guide, recognized this problem and decided to give us a fighting chance in the form of his book.

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Claude Davis is deeply disturbed by the level of complacency that American society has allowed itself to slowly degenerate into. The rampant spread of technology has made life extremely easy, almost to the point of turning modern society into some kind of paradise. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the problem is that while we are absorbed in such complacency as a society we have forgotten valuable skills that would help us to survive in the event of a catastrophe.

The number and scope of possible catastrophes that could strike is very large, meaning every day we face the danger of being taken back 150 years in terms of technology and having to go back to basics. In fact, Claude Davis mentions one such catastrophe that would eliminate all electronic devices; an EMP. In such a scenario no one would have Google to tell them how to start a fire using wood and flint.


How it works

The Lost Ways book contains different survival skills with the hope that if and when a catastrophe hits, Americans everywhere would have a fighting chance. In the book Claude Davis tackles various aspects of survival in each chapters. Many of them are tips obtained from people who have in the past managed to beat great odds to survive harsh conditions.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Extensive instructions on how to make traps for different animals in the wild in order to have a continuous supply of food.
  • Methods to store clean drinking water that lasts for many years, borrowed from the sailors of old.
  • Recipes for various foods with high nutrient content and exceptional shelf lives spanning many years. All this without refrigeration. These foods can be made relatively quickly and easily using ingredients that is easily obtained.
  • The book teaches the reader how to build underground safe houses to take shelter in during storms and other tumultuous events. These houses can fit a large number of people (4 families, according to Claude Davis) and also double as root cellars.
  • It shows the reader how they can effectively manage their ammunition supply so they never run out of bullets.

The Lost Ways Book

The Lost Ways Review Pros and Cons


Has a wide scope in a one of a kind way: Survival books exist, of course, and there are alternatives to this title. However, none of them covers the amount of detail or the number of scenarios that this one does. From an economic catastrophe to a natural disaster, to an EMP, The Lost Ways Claude Davis book gives tried and true methods to survive in the face of almost any calamity that might befall us.

Highly actionable and gives the reader step by step instructions at each stage: Claude’s aim is to turn modern American society into DIY practitioners so they can be entirely self -sufficient no matter what. As a result the book offers a practical approach to all its teachings and offers survival skills that anyone can easily learn and implement.

Helpful beyond its intended scope: Despite the fact that it was written with a bleak and dystopian future in mind, the skills the book teaches are readily applicable in normal life. Everyone would like to be able to save clean drinking water for extended periods of time or make their own poultices for home remedies or make long lasting nutritious foods.


Initially did not come in any format other than a digital download: There were previously no printed hard copies but have now been made available. This is ironic as it would defeat the purpose of having the digital book without also having a hard copy in a situation where there is no electricity or electronic devices with which to access it.


The Lost Ways survival book is certainly a good read if for no other reason than to gain some useful skills to help improve everyday life and show off to friends. It also has the potential to give the reader serious survival advantages in the kind of apocalyptic situation it was written for.

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